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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 530PM  CBS  October 9, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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and it's growing. who is supporting the movement. and a look at its chances for success. it's the movement occupying the nation from coast-to-coast and it's growing. who is supporting the movement and the chances for success. >> it seems clear what happeneds, but they want to know more. request from people who knew a man behind a deadly shooting. >> we grew up in oakland so i felt like i needed to be here today for a little while. >> raider nation in mourning. fans react to al davis' death. >> they are gaining supporters and some high ranking attention. the occupy wall street protests are not going away but will
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that translate to success? >> veterans of the movement say there is legitimacy to the protest as long as it remains disciplined, focus and no violent but can the frustrations transform the political climate? >> reporter: in san jose several dozen continue the occupation of city hall. 50 to 60 demonstrators occupy the sidewalk by the federal reserve bank in san francisco. the lower and middle class, the out of work, the people that lost their home, all protesting wall street. but overnight in sacramento, a different story. >> i declare this to be an unlawful assembly. >> occupation is allowed but only during operating hours. by closing time police moved in and arrested 14 demonstrators, but like the tea party
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movement, can occupy wall street be successful? >> what i think is significant is that it's opening up a place to talk about solutions because while this is a protest, they have yet to come up with and to solidify clear demands, but it makes us think about what are the solutions. >> the protests continue to go in cities nationwide but it's not being received well by at least one republican presidential candidate tomorrow protest wall street and the bankers is saying you're anticapitollism. some of them are there because they don't have a job, yes, but the fact of the matter is, why aren't there jobs? go and picket the white house. demonstrate in front of the white house. >> when we said everyone should pay their fair share, the other side said that's class warfare. no it's the most indeering american value, fairness, it's
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about everyone paying their fair share. >> the ambassador worked along side martin luther king. for the movement to be effective it cannot just be people voicing their frustrations. they have to have a message and organization. >> thank you. well, san jose police are searching tonight for the person that shot two people saturday morning in a residential neighborhood. it happened in an alley near the 800 block of south 3rd street. the victims were a 19 year old man and a 20 year old woman, both lived nearby. police are still trying to determine a motive. >> it is truly a who done it with a lot of unanswered questions and last night at about 1:00 in the morning, they were still work through the fight trying to figure out -- through the night trying to figure out who done it anden answered questions. >> might have been an attempted robbery gone bad. the woman is hospitalized in critical condition. >> family and friend of a man
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accused of killing three coworkers asked police for answers. he was accused of opening fire last week. three people died. 6 more were hurt. today those closest to him gathered outside the sheriff's office. they said they had no explanation for the shooting but they demanded more answers about what happened to their loved one. >> i want to know why he was -- had to die so tragically. why he was shot so many times. he deserved a chance to come forth and be proven guilty on not guilty and he didn't get that chance. >> he was shot and killed by sheriff's deputies last thursday at the plant where he worked as a truck driver. >> the raiders took to the field today for the first time since al davis' death. he was an inspirational figure and not just among the players. sam on how raider nation is
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coping with the loss of their leader. >> remembering an icon, al davis. >> this is what it's about. this is what the nation is about. come out here and remember mr. davis. >> the sports bar, known as the place for raiders fans was packed for the first game since the passing of al davis. >> i still can't get over it. i still can't get over it. >> she was a doctor's assistant with the team for 30 years. >> it's not easy, that was a great man. a real honor being on that team with him. >> everybody's got a story to tell about al and how they feel. >> and today was the day for it among the davis and raiders memorabilia, fans toasted a legend. >> celebration of al davis. >> no matter how crowded the bar gets, this booth is always reserved for al davis. so the owner admits he's never actually been here. >> it has been reserved forever
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for al davis. >> at raiders head quarters a memorial has more than doubled under a flag at half staff. >> i lost my son in july and he was a huge raiders fan too. i felt like i needed to be here today for a little while. >> even at rickys, there's a heaviness in the air. >> just up in the air, people are just jamming, but it is kind of going with the flow of today. >> i had somewhere else to be but today this took precedents. it was important to me. >> important to remember davis with the rest of the raider nation. >> he'd be smiling. he'd give you one of those. just win baby, that's what he'd say. >> in the east bay, cbs 5. >> well, it's not your typical presidential campaign question but it is being asked.
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how republican presidential hopefuls are responding to allegations one of their peers is part of a cut. >> and it's a new law that only applies to kids here in the golden state, even if your parents say yes, the state says no. >> mostly sunny skies wrapping up this weekend, looks like more clouds and a chance of showers creeping into picture. we'll take a look at it coming up in just a few minutes ,,,, ride muni every day. ,,,,
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morning was personal. particularly, for mitt romney. his faith is being called on the carpet. drew levison shows us how romney's fellow candidates did, and did not share their opinions: a question of faith as religion dominated the sunday talk shows. (--no supe it was personal for mitt romney. his faith has been called. how he did and did not share opinions. >> a question of faith as religion dominated the sunday talk shows. >> i'm a life long christian. >> presidential candidates were evasive regarding mitt romney's mormon faith and if they side
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we van with with people that don't believe they're christians. the remarks surfaced when the religion was characterized as outside the mainstream and a cut. romney called it poisonous. >> he's a mormon. i am not going to do an analysis for the sake of answering that. >> to make this a big issue is ridiculous because every day i'm on the street talking to people. this is not what people are talk about. >> but people on the street are talking about how religion could effect presidential decision. >> christianty is a big part of my life and that's why the country was founded. so it would make a difference to a point. >> who knows. i think we should just pick the person that can run the country the best. >> in 2008 romney's rivals
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painted him as a flip flopper on abortion and gay rights and stayed away from his religion. he challengers are calling him wobbly but leaving others to question his religious believes. >> new year will bring new rules for teens looking for a golden glow. it will be illegal for kid and teens to be using tanning beds. california is the first state to make it a crime for teenagers under 18 to use them. currently children 14 and under cannot use them in the state. ages 15-17 can with their parent's permission. the new law goes into effect january 1st. >> another bill requires health insurance companies to provide coverage for children with autism or other developmentel problems. it will increase insurance premiums but will save money by
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helping prepare them for life as adults. >> most city employees in oakland will taking monday off i. will be one of several unpaid days intended to reduce the city's $58 million budget deficit. emergency services are not effected, but just about every other department will be. one exception, parking enforcement. the city will still be issuing tickets. >> one instance where the internet will not save you any time. why if you want to be among the first to have the iphone 4 s at this point you'll have to go the old fashioned route and wait in line. >> roll clouds rolling in late this afternoon through the golden gate, what's in store for the beginning of the work week? we'll take a look at that coming up next ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the latest lundberg survey shows n average of 3-42 the price of gas has gone down about 13 cents over the past two weeks. the later survey shows gas goes for an average of 3.42 a gallon nationwide. prices in the bay area the highest in the country. according to gas, san francisco tops out with oakland and san jose 10 cents behind. apple began taking preorders on friday but if you haven't jumped in, you'll have to wait. the company is sold out of
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preorder stock. they're quoting delivery times of 1-2 weeks on the website. you can always brave retail lines friday when the phone hits stores. >> a beautiful autumn weekend for us to enjoy. jim is here to take a look at what the work week will look like. >> mostly sunny across the bay this weekend although we did see the fog roll in late this afternoon. just in time to cook the air show performance as they didn't have enough room to maneuver out there. we see it mostly clear down in ocean beach with patchy fog to the south there. we look for it to increase here through the evening hours i. will be increasing tomorrow with a slight chance of showers. creeping into the picture, a weak frontal boundary, it will clip the north bay. more clouds than anything else and it won't last long. into tuesday morning with a warmer week ahead here as we see a big warm up. here's the temperatures right now. we see mid to upper 7 0s for
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the warmer locations, even low 80s in fairfield. upper 60s to low 70s. low 60s on the beach right now. above normal temperatures for a change as we see the fog remaining patchy here at the coast. as i mentioned, slipping in late this afternoon pulling a bit of a shortened air show out there. everybody showed up but they didn't get a full air show performance underway because of the fog coming through. there comes a frontal boundary right here. this will cross the area through the day tomorrow. we have a chance of light showers mainly in the north bay. otherwise we'll look for increased cloudiness and slightly cooler temperatures. mid of 60 in the peninsula and mid 70s. we'll look for the low pressure system to clip the area.
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it will bring the slight chance of showers and then through midweek high pressure returns, sunny and warmer weather expected here as once again we see things heat up into the upper 80s for the warmer locations. slight chance of showers tomorrow night, mainly in the north bay. could leave a bit of drizzle type activity across the greater bay area but shouldn't amount to much as we see temperatures cooler into the low 70s for most of the south bay as well as the east bay. upper 60s in the cooling location across the north bay with more clouds expected there. as we look at the 7 day forecast we'll see after a brief bit of clouds and shower activity, warmer weather heads our way for the end of the week before it cools off again come the weekend with a chance of showers back in the picture but that's a long ways away. we don't need to talk about that. let's focus on the warm up. >> your trying to silence me on that one. that heavy sigh.
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>> thanks. all right. >> haven't seen a weekend like this for the bay area football teams in a long time. a couple of different reasons why. but the 49ers they did something they haven't done in 20 years. how were the raiders on the field after passing of al davis? the emotional finish is next ,,,,,,,,
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coach. and even nonraiders fans watching today. >> yeah and they finished late. the game went until 1:45 or so. but it was worth it. for the first time the raiders played without al davis as either an owner or coach and while davis is gone, his his motto lives on. just win baby. his son on the field with the team currently in control of the organization. picking up in the second quarter, houston leading 7-6. shaw finds him open for a 56- yard touchdown. 14-6. passes for 416-yards, two touchdowns and two interceptions. the raiders didn't get a first down until the final possession of the first half. jason campbell finds heyward- bey for a catch and 14-12 texans. davis loving it.
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raiders lead 15-14. look at the grabby walter. it set up a field goal. houston back up 17-15. fourth quarter, campbell steps up, touchdown raiders and they're back on top. 22-17. it was 25-20 oakland, under 30 seconds left. pass, hauls it in at the 5 yardline. houston would spike the ball and stop the clock with 7 seconds left in the game. they had one final play. shaw goes back to pass, scrambles to buy time, looks into the end zone. michael mix it off -- michael picks it off. an emotional game for jackson who is mourning the loss he referred to as coach davis. >> today is a great day for the raiders all across the world. sad day yesterday but i know without a shadow of a doubt
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that coach is somewhere up there rejoicing because this football team did what he always said today, commitment to excellence, pride and poise and just win. >> what's the one thing he said to you that stuck with you now in his passing that you referred back to? maybe a piece of advice that he gave you. >> run fast, simple as that. >> what do you think his legacy is? >> he legacy now to the organization, city of oak land, he's the best. >> great finish there. last year the buccaneers shut out san francisco, with a 3-1 record they were feeling confident. >> i don't know. we're the west coast killers. we had success in arizona and we have to try and repeat this year. >> the head coach would realize that was last year. first quarter, 49ers light up the scoreboard. touchdown 7-0 san francisco and
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in the second quarter, quarterback with loads of time but his pass intercepted by carlos rogers, cuts back across and goes to the end zone for a touchdown. rogers third pick of the season. 14-3 san francisco. then after an interception, he punches it in 23-3, 49ers. 20 carries. alex smith only completed 11 balls, davis carries a few defenders with him to the end zone. 41-3. they win 48-3. san francisco is 4-1. best start since 2002 but this one looks like an east coast killer. >> did it surprise you at all? [indiscernable] >> that's week was pretty nice victory that we had there, but to really be a hit like we did
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today, i don't remember the last time i have seen anything like that. >> the magic continues. let's go down to the south bay. overtime. tigers participation created a huge spike in tickets. moments before the put on the 7th, a fan through a -- fan threw a hot dog in his direction. he missed the put. he finished it. 18 for the win, no. and he goes to a playoff. second playoff hole, he has another birdie to win, no. and they are now in a third playoff hole. game 1, nlcs, zach going over his notes on the cardinals. might want to add don't throw
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curveballs. st. louis a lead. he has driven in 8 runs this postseason. the scoring runs isn't a problem. prince fielder hits one of three jacks, do you think he'd look good in a giant uniform next year? if the price is right. they come back to win 9-6. very dramatic emotional locker room. complete report tonight on game day at 1130 tim. >> once wasn't enough. coming up at 6:30 how vandals have struck again and it's the latest battle to bring national media attention to berkeley. it has been resolved some what. what the governor said about state university admission requirements. we'll see you back here in half an hour and at 10:00 and 11:00. have a good night reason: ,, ,,,,
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